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KaMana Workshops

Host Lizzie and Harriet at your school or sports club and help your students or athletes build confidence and pursue their goals. We can present a single workshop of your choice, or have us in for all 4! We can adjust all our content to meet your specific requirements. The workshops can be delivered in person or live online. Read about what each workshop entails here: 

Body Confidence Workshop

Body image struggles are all too common in sport, especially among female athletes. In this presentation Lizzie and Harriet share their stories and the stories of other female athletes, on their journey with body insecurity and body confidence. They explore:

  • How we are not alone in our body insecurities

  • Our bodies change through puberty and how this impacts performance

  • What makes all our bodies unique

  • The impacts of social media and comparison on the way we perceive ourselves

  • How to be kinder to ourselves and build confidence

Nutrition Workshop: the power of fuelling and an athlete's relationship with food

This is not your average Nutrition talk. By combining our experience in elite sport with up to date research, we explore:


  • The importance of fuelling well to train and race at our best

  • Exploring how food is intricately tied to body image and how it can sometimes be hard to see the positives food can give us

  • Interactive discussion on the best foods to fuel our training and the best food to help with recovery

  • Personal stories from our struggles with with food and how we have developed positive relationships with food

  • Created in collaboration with Sports Dietician, Ali Miles

Female Athlete Health and Understating your Menstrual Cycle Workshop

This topic is not spoken enough about. It’s important for ALL female athletes to have a solid understanding of their menstrual cycle. In this workshop we explore:


  • Understanding female physiology (we are different to men)

  • What it means to be a healthy athlete

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle

  • Tracking your cycling and using this to support training, performance and recovery

  • Tips for training in different phases of your cycle

  • A combination of Harriet's experience as an Exercise Physiologist and our stories of navigating being a female athlete

Performance Mindset and Habits Workshop

Learn how to perform at your best. This workshop incorporates both personal stories and the latest information on performance mindset approaches and habits. This includes:


  • The importance of goal setting

  • Our mindset towards goal setting has a big impact on what we are able to achieve

  • Building resilience when faced with obstacles

  • High performance habits that can be incorporated into your weekly routine eg, sleep, recovery and time management

  • This will leave you feeling inspired that you can achieve your dream goals

This workshop is open to male and female athletes.

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