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Online Parent Workshop RECORDING

This ticket give you access to the recording of our online presentation on female athlete health and understanding the menstrual cycle, which was run on the 25th of October 2023. After presenting to many young female athletes and realising their parents were hungry for knowledge too, we have embarked on creating a workshop for parents. It is full of evidence based research and practical tips to help you, help your daughter navigate puberty and understand her menstrual cycle whilst continuing to pursue her sporting goals. 

Online Parent Workshop RECORDING

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  • It’s important for ALL female athletes (and thier parents) to have a solid understanding of the menstrual cycle. In this workshop we explore:

    • Understanding female physiology (we are different to men)
    • What it means to be a healthy athlete
    • Navigating puberty
    • Understanding the menstrual cycle
    • Tracking the menstrual cycle and using this to support training, performance and recovery
    • Tips for training in different phases of the cycle
    • A combination of Harriet's experience as an Exercise Physiologist and our stories of navigating being a female athlete
  • This is a recording of a presentation we did on the 25th of October 2023. The presentation is on female athlete health and understanding the menstrual cycle. 

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