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School & Sports Club Online Workshops

Host Lizzie or Harriet at your school or sports club and leave your students or athletes feeling inspired, confident and empowered. Choose from our four interactive & educational workshops: Body Confidence, Female Athlete Health & Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle, Nutrition for Athletes, and Performance Habits & Mindset. Your students or athletes will hear Lizzie or Harriet's story of the highs and lows of being an elite athletes. The workshops also include take home activities, stories from other elites athletes and experts in their field.


These workshops are open to female athletes aged 12 and over from all sports. Each workshop can run for 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on time constraints. The workshops are delivered online via zoom. 

Cost: $400 per workshop

Embark on this journey with us as we explore these important topics together. More detail on each topic can be seen below. 

Workshop Options

Body image struggles are all too common in sport, especially among female athletes. If you feel this way, you are not alone. In this presentation we share our stories, and the stories of other female athletes, on our journey with body confidence. We explore what makes all our bodies unique, and break down the impacts of social media and comparison on the way we perceive ourselves. Together we learn how to be kinder to ourselves and build confidence.

Body Confidence
Nutrition for Athletes - Not your average nutrition talk

As athletes, we need food to fuel our training and race at our best. As food is so intricately tied to body image it can sometimes be hard to see the positives food can give us. In this presentation, we share our journey with food and focus on how to develop a positive relationship with food. 

Female Athlete Health & Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

This topic is not spoken enough about. It’s so important for ALL female athletes to have a solid understanding of what a healthy menstrual cycle is. Learn about tracking your menstrual cycle and understanding your body so you can train, race and recover at your best. 

In the first part of this presentation, Lizzie and Harriet share how their performance mindset has evolved throughout their athletic careers. Focusing on the obstacles they faced, how they were overcome, learning to challenge yourself and how to deal with nerves and pressure. Part two explores performance habits that Lizzie and Harriet practice daily to be their best self at training and on race day.

Performance Mindset and Habits
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